Extremadura is between the most important european regions for the birds, being one of the main destinations more required for birders, attracted by the multiple possibilities of watching a large number of species in a wide variety of habitats, which have different environmental protection figures. A natural and ornithological paradise beautiful, inhospitable and unknown corners to enjoy the birds.


Badajoz is the most extensive province in Spain, and in such an extensive territory where the dehesa forest predominates, agglutinates a mosaic of hábitats rich in diversity of birds, 316 species, and nature, a good example of mediterranean hábitat and climate characteristic of the Iberian Southwest, which guarantees the enjoyment of the observer throughout this territory. The areas where we do trips are:

Southern Countryside

The Southern Countryside is one of the best preserved areas for steppe birds in Badajoz. Farmland, pastures, aquatic environments, villages, are some of the scenarios in which we can observe steppe birds and large raptors.

Central Sierras and Matachel Valley

The Sierra Grande de Hornachos is one of the most biodiverse areas in the province of Badajoz. Its orography, with its characteristic ridges, is an ideal habitat for rock-dwelling species. Close to this impressive mountain range is the valley of the river Matachel, where we can observe the large Mediterranean birds of prey and passerines.

Dragonflies in South of Badajoz

With more than forty described species, the province of Badajoz is one of the best places in Extremadura for observing odonates, with species of reduced distribution and recent arrivals from Africa. A paradise for lovers of these insects!

Butterflies in Badajoz

In the province of Badajoz we can find a wide variety of the more than 120 species described in Extremadura, within the multiple habitats present throughout the province.

Orchids in South of Badajoz

Orchids, one of the most popular botanical families, are found in the province of Badajoz, one of the places where we can observe a wide variety of species due to the availability of soils and habitats.


Badajoz Birding Tour

The province of Badajoz brings together natural areas where you can observe some of the most interesting species on the peninsula. This tour proposes a journey through the most representative habitats and to observe the most iconic species of Extremadura.

Extremadura Birding Tour

Extremadura is considered one of the best European destinations for birdwatching, both for its wealth of species and its landscapes. On this tour through the most spectacular corners of Extremadura we will discover the beauty it treasures in terms of species.

La Serena, the realm of steppe birds

When we talk about steppe birds in Extremadura, La Serena is the territory par excellence for these birds. Thanks to the state of conservation of its habitat, we can enjoy all the species present and enjoy a landscape that has been shaped over the centuries.

Discover the wild territories of Seville and Badajoz in organized daytrips and tours, and enjoy the experience of observing nature in two of the last Mediterranean forest paradises of the Iberian Peninsula.


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Being able to enjoy an experience of observation, knowledge and enjoyment of one of the most important nature reserves in Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura