Dragonflies in South of Badajoz

the secrets of dragonflies

In the province of Badajoz, in addition to birds, there is a group of insects that produces the fascination of nature lovers, dragonflies. In the south of Badajoz, thanks to the variety of ecosystems, 32 species of 22 different genera are present. Discover with us the secrets of dragonflies on excursions specifically prepared for this purpose by the most interesting points of the province to observe them.

Duration: half day or full day. Possibility to tour. Please, ask us.

Ideal time: March – October. 

Target species: Lestes macrostigma, Sympetrum meridionale, Platycnemis acutipenis, Gomphus grasiinii…


Half day                              Full day

160 € (1 person)                230 € (1 person)

170 € (2 people)               240 € (2 people)

180 € (3 people)               255 € (3 people)

200 € (4 people)              280 € (4 people)

225 € (5 people)               300 € (5 people)

For groups of more than five people, please contact.

Children under 12 years, free.

Note: for full time trip we can prepare pic nic or go to a local restaurant. Please consult us.

Recommended: sunscreen, hat or cap, water, comfortable clothes in accordance with the weather and suitable footwear.

Including: specialized local guide, optical equipment and consultation bibliography.

Language: English and German.

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