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Sierra Morena privileged enclave

The most extensive Mediterranean forest in Europe is at its most splendid in the province of Seville, a mosaic of nature full of nooks and crannies where nature lovers can observe and enjoy, almost exclusively, one of the most privileged natural spaces in Andalusia.

About Us

BirdWild Tours is a company located in Constantina, in the Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park and Geopark, and part of the Biosphere Reserve “Dehesas de Sierra Morena”. BirdWild Tours aims to offer a service of Birdwatching and nature trips following guidelines of responsibility and respect for the environment, thus providing an enjoyable experience of observation andknowledge in one of the most important natural reserves in Andalusia, as well as in other places of Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura, promoting and encouraging at the same time actions for the benefit of conservation.

BirdWild Tours collaborates with other ornithological and nature tourism companies and tour operators, both nationally and internationally.

Why Sevilla and Badajoz

Seville and Badajoz, thanks to their location, are the most diverse provinces of Andalusia and Extremadura and relevant enclaves for birds and nature.

Customized trips and tours

In BirdWild Tours, in addition to the varied and rich offer of half-day and full day trips, there is the possibility to make birdwatching and nature tours, individually or in small groups, across the most interesting destinations in Andalusia and Extremadura.

Habitat and Natural Spaces