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Birds and Wildlife

Birds and Wildlife, two concepts that go hand in hand. Observing, learning and appreciating what Nature has to offer us, produce an accumulation of experiences and unforgettable sensations

BirdWild Tours is a company located in Constantina, in the Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park and Geopark, and part of the Biosphere Reserve “Dehesas de Sierra Morena”. BirdWild Tours aims to offer a service of Birdwatching and nature trips following guidelines of responsibility and respect for the environment, thus providing an enjoyable experience of observation andknowledge in one of the most important natural reserves in Andalusia, as well as in other places of Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura, promoting and encouraging at the same time actions for the benefit of conservation.

Andalusia and Extremadura, due to their location in the South of the Iberian Peninsula, are two of the regions with the highest diversity in Europe. Part of this valuable heritage, both ornithological and natural, is located in the provinces of Seville and Badajoz, two of the last, inhospitable and beautiful bastions in which nature is presented as it is, majestic and splendid, and that also remains owner of the territory.

Every activity on the environment involves some degree of impact, and therefore our activities aim to follow guidelines of sustainability, energy efficiency and conservation of the Natural Heritage, fundamental premises for to keep reciprocity with our environment, promoting actions together with local associations without which it wouldn’t be possible to achieve this commitment to the environment.

Corporal social responsability

The local population, where BirdWild Tours offer its services is another asset to care and foster. The quality of artisan products, some of them renowned, and the beauty of the towns are the best argument for coexistence with the environment, and it is for this reason that we acquire the commitment that our activities as a nature-based company have also a positive impact on them.

BirdWild Tours guide

Rafa Vicente is a naturalist and ornithologist, a native of the town of Constantina, where he began to appreciate and appreciate the enormous natural wealth that the Sierra Morena of Seville treasures as a child. He studied Biology at the University of Salamanca, in whose Department of Animal Biology he worked on different studies related to the Iberian Desman.

He has worked, collaborated and continues to collaborate with public institutions in multiple works focused on conservation, but his involvement in conservation goes beyond this, working altruistically and being an active member of the NGOs ANSER, Andalucia Bird Society, Sierra Norte Mycological Society and SECEM.

His extensive experience in the field allows him to boast great versatility when it comes to interpreting the natural environment, and as a result of this passion he founded BirdWild Tours in 2017, with the aim of showing  the birdlife and biodiversity of one of the most exuberant natural areas of Andalusia and Extremadura.

Discover the wild territories of Seville and Badajoz in organized daytrips and tours. Enjoy the experience of observing nature in two of the last Mediterranean forest paradises of the Iberian Peninsula.


Offer specialized services for bird watching and nature under criteria of responsibility and respect for the environment


Being able to enjoy an experience of observation, knowledge and enjoyment of one of the most important nature reserves in Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura.