Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park

Nestled in the north of province of Seville, in the central strip of Sierra Morena, Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park is the best example of mediterranean forest in the province. Partly open forest, there is room for hábitats such us riverbank forest, pseudo steppe plains or rock places, together with ecosystems present in them, give the rich and diverse biodiversity present in the park.

Declared Natural Park in 1989 for their valuable natural resources, part in adition to the Biosphere Reserve “Dehesas de Sierra Morena”, it´s also SPA, CIA and SCZ, two places declared as Natural Monument, and integrated in the network of European Geoparks

The birds, 256 species described, are the best representatives of the different ecosystems present in the Natural Park, being the most representative raptors such as Spanish Imperial Eagle or Cinereous Vulture,as well as another of the emblematic bird of the mediteerranean forest, Black Stork. Mammals like Eurasian Otter or Wildcat, reptiles, butterflies or orchids have their representation in the park, as well as its geology, existing points of great interest.

Birding in Sierra Morena of Seville

During the year, the birds of the Sierra Norte de Seville Natural Park, both resident species and those that remain for a while, offer great possibilities for observation and enjoyment, both iconic species and others.

Sierra Morena, the Kingdom of Raptors

Sierra Morena of Seville is, probably, the best area of Andalusia for the observation of birds of prey. On this daytrip, specifically designed, you can observe the three big iberian eagles, vultures and forest raptors.

Geobirding: birds among the rock

One of the values of the Sierra Morena of Seville is its geology, and within some of its best known formations we can find a community of birds linked to this hábitat.

Orchids in Sierra Morena of Seville

The flora present in the natural park has in the orchids one of the most recognized groups. Within the natural park we can find both common species and others of more Mediterranean distribution.

Butterflies in Sierra Morena of Seville

The habitats present in the Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park are the scene of a color show with butterflies as protagonists. Described more than fifty species, it is one of the best points in the province for observation.

Five swift challenge in Sierra Morena of Seville

When spring comes to the Sierra Norte of Seville, the swifts arrive with their acrobatic flights. We propose a daytrip with the goal, or challenge, of watching in one morning the five species that breed in Andalusia. Do you dare?

Dragonflies in Sierra Morena of Seville

Once the summer season arrives, in the Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park the community of dragonflies is one of the largest and most representative in Andalusia, thanks to the state of conservation of the habitats present.

The rut of the red deer in Sierra Morena

When the heat begins to subside, in the heart of the forest the characteristic sound of the Red Deer rises and a new time begins in Sierra Morena of Seville. The rut is one of the most impressive spectacles of the Iberian fauna that we can to observe in Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park.

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