Dragonflies in Sierra Morena Sevillana

Bright colors and flying skills

Dragonflies have been and are admired by their bright colors and flying skills. Sierra Morena of Seville is one of the best places with highest number of species in the province. Discover the secrets of the dragonflies on specific trips prepared for it.

Duration: half day or full day. Possibility to tour. Please ask us.

Calendar: March – October. 

Target species: Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis, Zygonix torridus, Ischnura graellsii, Gomphus graslinii, Trithemis annulata…

Half day                                Full day

160 € (1 person)                 230 € (1 person)

170 € (2 perople)               240 € (2 people)

180 € (3 people)                 255 € (3 people)

200 € (4 people)               280 € (4 people)

225 € (5 people)                300 € (5 people)

For groups of more than five people, please contact.

Children under 10 years, free.

Including: specialized local guide, optical equipment and consultation bibliography

Recommended: sunscreen, hat or cap, water, comfortable clothes in accordance with the weather and suitable footwear.

Note: for full time trip we can prepare picnic with your culinary preferences or go to a local restaurant. Please consult us.

Language: English and German.

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Being able to enjoy an experience of observation, knowledge and enjoyment of one of the most important nature reserves in Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura.