Why Sevilla and Badajoz

Mosaic of hábitats

Seville and Badajoz, thanks to their location, are the most diverse provinces of Andalusia and Extremadura and relevant enclaves for birds and nature.

Some of the most important bird species can be observed in nationally recognised locations, endorsing a heritage that also includes other lesser-known species of high ecological value alongside the cultural and patrimonial values of their towns and villages.

The good state of conservation of the habitats present in both provinces is reflected in the declaration of categories of protection, where the “dehesa”is the main habitat and plays a key role in bird diversity. In addition to the “cleared forest”, there is a true mosaic of habitats and species associated with them rising the natural value of severa enclaves in both territories.

The birds are the best “calling card” for Seville and Badajoz, being the provinces with the highest number of species described, -345 and 316 species respectively- described as residents and frequently observed, as well as a good number of migratory species finding food and shelter both in spring and Winter in Seville and Badajoz.

In addition to the ornithological richness, Seville and Badajoz have other natural values that make them unique as their variety of Flora, with Orchids being a great attraction; insects like Butterflies and Dragonflies; or landscapes in which we can see the result of the geological processes that shaped the territory.

Discover the wild territories of Seville and Badajoz in organized daytrips and tours, and enjoy the experience of observing nature in two of the last Mediterranean forest paradises of the Iberian Peninsula.


Offer specialized services for bird watching and nature under criteria of responsibility and respect for the environment.


Being able to enjoy an experience of observation, knowledge and enjoyment of one of the most important nature reserves in Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura.