Southern Rarities Tour

rare birds

In the winter months there are arrivals of rare birds in points of the coast and interior of Andalusia, cataloged mostly as a rarity by the number of observations that have been made in recent years.

The species under observation are mainly raptors, passerines, gulls, waders, colimbos and anatids. The observation of these species, as in any of our outings, is not guaranteed one hundred percent and its observation will be subject to the love of the place and the news of rare birds that reach us, so the itinerary may be altered during the realization of the same.

Duration: three days, two nights.

Dates: winter.

Target species: gulls, waders or other species of great interest.

Number of participants: mínimum three people, maximum eight.

Rate: 300€/person.

Including: specialized local guide, optical equipment and consultation bibliography.

Recommended: sunscreen, hat or cap, water, comfortable clothes in accordance with the weather and suitable footwear.

Languages: english and german.

Discover the wild territories of Seville and Badajoz in organized daytrips and tours, and enjoy the experience of observing nature in two of the last Mediterranean forest paradises of the Iberian Peninsula


Offer specialized services for bird watching and nature under criteria of responsibility and respect for the environment


Being able to enjoy an experience of observation, knowledge and enjoyment of one of the most important nature reserves in Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura