Sierra Morena, the kingdom of raptors

The domains of the eagles

The inhospitable orography and the almost primal mediterranean forest of the Sierra Morena of Seville, are the territory one of the mosts triking bird groups admired by lovers of Birdwatching, the raptors. The Sierra Norte of Seville Natural Park is one of the few places in Andalusia where you can observe the “Big Three Eagles” of the Iberian Peninsula, the largest colony of Cinereous Vulture, as well as representative species of the hábitats present, a representation of almost thirty species present through out year in the “Kingdom of Raptors” of the province of Seville.

Duration: half dayor full day.

Ideal time: all year round.

Common specie: Spanish Imperial Eagle, Golden Eagle Cinereous Vulture, Griffon Vulture, Bonelli´s Eagle, Black-winged Kite, Goshawk, Sparrowhak…

Summer species: Short-toed Snake Eagle, Aegyptian Vulture, Black Kite, Booted Eagle…

Winter species: Western Osprey, Merlin, Hen Harrier, Red Kite…

Migrant species: European Honey Buzzard, Montagu´s Harrier, Lesser Kestrel, Eurasian Hobby…


Half day                           Full day

160 € (1 person)             230 € (1 person)

170 € (2 people)            240 € (2 people)

180 € (3 people)             255€ (3 people)

200 € (4 people)           280 € (4 people)

225 € (5 people)            300 € (5 people)

For groups of more than five people, please contact.

Children under 10 years, free.

Including: specialized local guide, optical material and consultation bibliography.

Note: for full time tripwe can prepare picnic with your culinary preferences or go to a local restaurant. Please consult us.

Recommended: sunscreen, hat or cap, water, comfortable clothes in accordance with the weather and suitable footwear.

Language: English and German. 

Discover the wild territories of Seville and Badajoz in organized daytrips and tours. Enjoy the experience of observing nature in two of the last Mediterranean forest paradises of the Iberian Peninsula.


Offer specialized services for bird watching and nature under criteria of responsibility and respect for the environment.


Being able to enjoy an experience of observation, knowledge and enjoyment of one of the most important nature reserves in Andalusia and neighboring Extremadura.